The key or watering is to keep your microgreens moist but not too wet during both the germination and the vegetation stages.

By using an upper tray with drainable holes and a lower tray without holes, you prevent overwatering that could lead to the development of mold.

For Germination:

Soak the hemp mat so that it is fully wet throughout when it sits on the drainage tray. After sowing the seeds, spray the top of the seeds with water before placing the cover tray on top for the “blackout”. For the cover tray, spray the underside of it as well to help keep the seeds moist and have humidity in the air between the hemp and the cover tray.

Lift the cover each morning and evening to fully spritz the seeds during germination, until the stalks are about 1.5″ tall. With the Superfood Microgreen Mix, certain seeds will grow taller than others.

For Vegetation:

Spritz the microgreens each morning and evening and also add a drinking glass of water(approximately 12 oz) once a day, either in the morning or evening. Don’t just pour the water into one area, but slowly pour in a zigzag or “S” curve pattern so the water is more evenly distributed across the bed of microgreens.