Social Media and Best Practices Resource

Social media has come under increasing scrutiny relative to privacy and self-esteem. Like any tool, its all about how you use it. We see Instagram for photographs and YouTube for videos as viable platforms for members of Student Farmers to showcase their plant growth successes, give tips, and also post content with questions about challenges that they may face. Our goal is to use social media as a Best Practices Resource to advance the Future of Food. With over 15 million high school students and over 19 million college students in the U.S., the potential pool of student insights and content is large and hopefully growing!

For Student Farmers, we’re just getting ready to start with social media and create a resource to share tips and best practices for in-home and in-school farming.

YouTube videos: Student Farmers YouTube Channel

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Facebook: Student Farmers page

Twitter: @StudentFarmers:

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Here are some key videos:

Student Farmers Microgreen Superfood Starter Kit December 2022

Student Farmers Class on Microgreen Superfood with President of The Agrarian Group Nov 1 2022

Student Farmers Microgreen Windowsill Grow Tips from Seed to Harvest October 26 2022

Student Farmers is just getting started with social media. We are pleased that Caroline O’Mara has come on board over the spring of 2022 to serve as our Director of Social Media and work with our co-founder Ashley Tang, Executive Vice President of Communications. We welcome suggestions as well as content, and please connect via email to and