Here are the FIVE KEY STEPS to successful Microgreen cultivation:

#1: Pick your Path (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). We have included the three most common scenarios on this page and links to more info for each.

#2: Order your Equipment and Supplies (See our SHOP for recommendations.)

#3: Start Germination

3(a) Cut your hemp grow mat to fit your grow tray, lay it in the tray, soak it with water, sow your seeds across the matt. Note this is typically 1/4 cup or about 8 to 10 teaspoons of seeds per 10″ x 20″ tray.

3(b) Spray the top of the seeds with water and spray the underside of the tray “black out” cover before placing the cover over the lower tray. Repeat the water spritzing in the morning and evening for three days or until the stalks of the microgreens are about 1.5″.

#4: Transition to Vegetation

4(a) Take off the germination cover tray (or trays if you are growing more than one tray) and leave it off through out the vegetation, which is typically about 7 days. If you are not using a grow light then place the tray on a sunny southern southern facing windowsill or on a table by the window. If you are using grow lights, then set the tray)s) under the lights. (Note that microgreens thrive with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of rest each day, so either remember to turn off and on the lights or buy a timer. Each morning and evening, spritz the microgreens with water and also add about drinking glass (approx 12 oz) of water to the tray by slowly pouting it over the microgreens in an “S” curve so as not to bend or break the stalks.

4(b) Repeat the morning and evening spritzing and watering each day for about a week.

#5: Harvest

5(a) When the microgreens are about 2.5″ to 3″ tall and have a nice green bed of vegetation, you are ready to harvest. With scissors or sheers cut the 10″ x 20″ hemp grow mat into 8 evenly size pieces, The result should be squares that are about 5″ x 5″. The recommended clamshell containers in the SHOP are 6″ x 6″ or 7″ x 7″ which leaves you enough room to place the microgreens. Add label stickers as you see fit.

5(b) Place the microgreen containers in your refrigerator or share them with friends, family, classmates, local restaurants, etc.

VIDEO SUPPORT: See this Do it Yourself (DIY) video on our Student Farmers YouTube Channel for the Seed to Harvest process. The video is hosted by one of our mentors from Local Grow Farms.


To Get Growing, we have identified three paths to make it as easy as possible for fellow students to start cultivating microgreens.

It all starts with the right seeds, grow matts, and trays. Cultivation starts with seed Germination and then transitions quickly into Vegetation. The harvest follows the vegetation, where you get to eat what you and nature have created.

Student Farmers - Germination and Vegetation trays

Three Paths:


System #1: Starter Set with Natural Light for One Grow Tray

This is an ideal way to begin growing microgreens. The key here is to have a window that faces south so that you can put the Grow Tray on the windowsill or a small table at the window take advantage of the free natural light from the sun year-round. To learn more about Equipment and Supplies click here for System #1.


System #2: Starter Set with LED Light for One Grow Tray

This is the best path for growers who want to get started but do not have a window facing south at their residence. To learn more about Equipment and Supplies click here for System #2.


System #3: Advanced Rack Set with larger LED Light for Three Grow Trays

This is the best path for growers who want to produce 24 containers of microgreens each week and share them with family, friends, or sell them to local restaurants, fitness centers for smoothies, etc. To learn more about Equipment and Supplies click here for System #3.