Student Farmers is a non-profit organization with a singular MISSION.

Our Mission: To improve health and nutrition while simultaneously lowering food costs and lowering the impact of climate change.

We have three primary AREAS OF FOCUS:

NEW: We have a strategic alliance with Acceler Fitness to help educate and provide people with the benefits of the superfood kale. See:

#1: Education: Our goal is to teach people of all ages ways to improve their physical and mental health, with a specific focus on residents of Food Deserts within underserved communities. We also teach the advantages of in-home farming to students of all ages, in any community, who seek to improve their health, reduce cost of vegetables, and promote environmental stewardship. We believe that reducing farm to table distance and reducing climate change starts right at home with windowsill and backyard gardening. Microgreens are a fast and easy entry point for year-round home cultivation.

#2: Awareness: We help increase awareness about the health advantages of superfoods like microgreens and kale. Our goal is to continue transforming the perception of microgreens and kale as “nice to have” to “must have” superfoods. We want to see more leafy greens integrated into daily diets for Americans as well as citizens of the world. We have been inspired by the transformation of Avocados into a popular superfood and want to do the same for microgreens and kale. Click to see some examples of Awareness Initiatives.

#2: Starter Kits: We have developed one of the most affordable Microgreen Starter Kits on the market, and we welcome the opportunity to deliver it to Americans who seek to start cost-effectively growing superfood at home on one of their windowsills year round. We see the Microgreen Starter Kit as a fast and easy starting point to help move people toward growing at least some of their food at home.

VIDEO: Microgreen Windowsill Grow Tips from Seed to Harvest

To get the trays, seeds, and supplies in the video see our Microgreen Shop.

We were inspired to see how cost-effective and easy in-home farming is for the production of a crop such as microgreens, and this video may help give you perspective. They grow fast (in about a week), have up to 40x the nutrients of their mature counterparts, and taste great.

Our Vision: To increase knowledge about the advantages of eating more heathy and locally grown vegetables, starting with fast-growing superfood microgreens that include kale, that can be easily and inexpensively grown indoors year-round on windowsills. We engage with high-school and college students as well as adult students ranging from health enthusiasts to seniors, who live independently or in retirement communities. We believe in “life-long learning” and welcome opportunities to share our experience in underserved communities to help increase access to fresh and affordable vegetables in “food deserts” and underserved communities.

Best Practices

We are committed to the best practices of growing microgreens and farming across the range of plants that we cultivate.

Non-profit 501(c)(3): The complexity of establishing a non-profit 501(c)(3) takes time relative to tax deduction status for donors. We launched in 2021 and the non-profit status gives us the ability to raise money and support students of all ages as well as service underserved communities, such as food deserts, in cities and rural communities. The non-profit status also helps us develop economies of scale to reduce the cost of supplies such as seeds, grow mats, grow trays and grow lights for our members and participants.

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Learn more about health and nutrition from our Future Food Right Now initiative with world-class speakers who are food experts.

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