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System #1: Starter Set with Natural Light for One Grow Tray

This is an ideal way to begin growing microgreens. The key here is to have a window that faces south so that you can put the Grow Tray on the windowsill or a small table at the window take advantage of the free natural light from the sun year-round.  

Weekly Harvest: 8 containers of approximately 1 oz (28.35 grams) of microgreens cut from the 10” x 20” Hemp Grow Matt. The containers are 6” x 6” with a 3” height, which is the right size for the 5” x 5” sections cut from each matt and the microgreens which are typically ready to harvest at 2.5” to 3”.


One (1) 10” x 20” Tray, with drainage holes: About $5

Two (2) 10” x 20” Trays, without holes: About $10

Total: About $15

Student Farmers System 1

The reason to have two trays without holes is so that you can use one to catch excess water below the drainage tray, and the second one as a cover for the lower two trays when you germinate the seeds to keep them in the dark. Note: Be careful to buy the trays without holes that are slightly larger than the drainage tray, so that the drainage tray “nests” inside of the trays without holes.


Seeds: About $1 / Tray

Hemp Grow Matts: About $2 / Tray

Containers (to store the microgreens in the fridge): About $0.25 / container

Labels (if you would like to give some to family or friends and include information on the type of microgreens on the label): About $0.06 (6 cents) / container sticker.

Each Tray yields 8 containers, which have a market value of about $2.75 each. Spending about $5 yields about $22 of value, for each tray, each week. It’s pretty rare in commerce to generate 4 times the value in such a short period of time.

Miscellaneous Items:

These are things that you may already have at hand:

Scissors: For cutting the Hemp Grow Matts to 20” length before germination and after vegetation to fit in the containers.

Spray Bottle: For spritzing in the morning and evening.

Food Scale (Optional) to measure the seed weight per tray. You can also just use about 8 teaspoons and get to approximately 1 oz of seeds per tray.

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