The following FAQs are for growers who have purchased our Student Farmers Microgreen Superfood Starter Kit. The responses are also relevant to growers who are cultivating microgreens without the Starter Kit. www

  1. I see white “fuzz” growing in the 2nd and 3rd day of germination, is it normal?

       Yes, it’s perfectly fine. The white fuzz is root hairs, and spraying your greens with water moistens the root hairs and makes them less visible.

2. Why did my microgreen look droopy or stop growing when they reached about 3 inches in height?

       The height of microgreens depends on multiple factors. If the air temperature is too hot or cold, if the grow mat is too wet or dry, if they are not getting enough light, the microgreen growth will stall. Try to have room temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to keep the mat moist but not soaked. Try to place them on a sunny windowsill or on a table near a window. If you need to use LED grow lights, then make sure to turn off the lights for 12 hours for every 12 hours that the lights are on. There are some easy and affordable timers available and remember that microgreens need to rest, just like humans!

3.    Can I grow my microgreen outdoors?

       Outdoor growing is not recommended. The microgreens can easily dehydrate if expose to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Plus, if it rains, the extensive water can drown the microgreens.

4.    What type of microgreen seeds come with the Starter Kit?

       The Starter Kit has a Superfood “BAT” Mix of Broccoli, Arugula, and Turnip microgreen seeds. They have exceptional health benefits, and you can learn more here:

5.    Where are the Starter Kit seeds grown?

       California. We but them in volume at wholesale to be able to extend low cost seeds to you.

6.    Where can I get more seeds, mats, or additional trays?

       For refills, please visit our online SHOP: